Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Witchdoctors & Toothaches

More stories and more client placements this month.

Africa: Where a Toothache Can Kill

Dentist Ian Wilson fights witchdoctors, leprosy and dental pain to help the people of rural Tanzania. For The Telegraph, on behalf of Bridge2Aid.

Want to try being a 'Muslim for a Month'?
The Telegraph interviews Ben Bowler, boss of 'Muslim for a Month' and 'Monk for a Month' programmes.

Watch out for a special series of BBC reports on 'Muslim for a Month', coming soon.

Other news:

Homeland РYou'll soon be able to buy the original UK edition of my expos̩ inside white supremacist groups, HOMELAND: Into a World of Hate, via Amazon Kindle. Watch this space.

Reader's Digest – Keep eyes peeled for my upcoming interview with Tom Hart, the Northern Irish Protestant man who became a Mayan spiritual guide in Guatemala.

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