Friday, April 29, 2011


Fancy being a Buddhist for a month? Or a Muslim? Perhaps a Christian?

Then head over to the pages of Blood Foundation, a charity based in northern Thailand which is running "praycations" (prayer + vacation) for several of the world's major religions.

Monk for a Month takes place in Thailand.

Muslim for a Month (actually, only 9 days) is set in Istanbul, as will be a sister project, Sufi for a Month. You'll live in a Sufi lodge in Istanbul, pray in the famous Blue Mosque, have the option to fast for a day, eat with local Muslim families and fly to Konya to visit the tomb of the famous Muslim mystic-poet, Rumi.

Look out for Christian for a Month (probably in Scotland) and Mystic for a Month, welcoming visitors to all the three major Abrahamic faiths in Jerusalem.

Down the line, Sikh for a Week is being planned in the Punjab, in India.

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