Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Burma, Romania, South Africa and more

Keep your eyes peeled for new stories from myself on:

• Burma's British Heroine – profile of Rachel Bentley, head of the charity Children on the Edge. Stories coming on Rachel, and the charity's cutting-edge work in and around Burma, in The Times Educational Supplement, The Tablet, and M Magazine (The National), soon.

• The Father – story out now on the heroic Father Kieran Creagh, the Belfast priest who runs Leratong Hospice in South Africa. How did Fr. Creagh survive the night he was accosted and shot three times at point-blank range? Out now in The Reader's Digest; look out for a follow-up 'Life in the Day' interview with Fr. Creagh in The Sunday Times Magazine.

• Pocketing Pixels – the rise, and rise, of virtual currencies. BBC News | Technology section.

• Video games composers, sci-fi directors and more ... keep your eyes peeled for new interviews in WIRED magazine.

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