Sunday, January 03, 2010

Starting 2010

As I write this, a blanket of frost descends onto England and we veer between sub-zero temperatures and extended downpours of rain. Plus ça change!

2010 has started and with it new chances, changes and opportunities. As well as giving up the old mince pies and ensuring I stick to a fitness regime, I've two books to get on with, some TV ideas to prepare, and a bunch of new stories waiting to roll off the line.

Check The Reader's Digest for my next piece on the fascinating Belfast priest based out in a South African township; and then a profile story of the leader of an amazing little children's charity working with Burmese refugees across Asia.

Then the BBC will be running a story from me about virtual currencies ... after which I hope to be printing a travel story on the Virgin islands, then penning some more book reviews for my favourite paper in China, the South China Morning Post.

Before that, though, to administration: a tax return to prepare! Wish me godspeed as I get down to that and, in the meantime, a very happy New Year to one and all. May 2010 bring us all good cheer and luck.

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