Thursday, November 26, 2009

The joys of working in a garret

Ah, the joys of a writer's life. My new office is a space inside a Georgian building ... lovely wooden floors, an old fireplace and view over the ancient rooftops of a British city.

I've also got no central heating, frozen feet and due to my 'agreement' with the boss here, got no landline phone, no internet except a 'dongle' and am not even allowed to borrow a box without sending the poor fellow into a spasm of angst and apoplexy. Just for fun I even pay him for the privilege of using an otherwise-empty space!

I spend my life in roofspaces, wondering how I can create meaningful prose and stories which will be of some benefit to the rest of humanity. Meanwhile the garret is a most appropriate metaphor for the writer's life, too: starving and railing against the world ... (laughs).

p.s. my garret is not as nice as the one in the picture

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